Just as auditors must follow a code of conduct, so too do Supervisors in a Scientology course room. Unlike teachers in many traditional classrooms, Course Supervisors do not act or behave as an “authority” telling students what to think, nor do they espouse opinions on the subject. Instead, students are guided to find the answers for themselves in Dianetics and Scientology materials.

In the following code, written by L. Ron Hubbard in 1967, the key guidelines are set forth that ensure the course room is standard and professional, with maximum benefit to the student. This code is followed by Supervisors in Churches of Scientology throughout the world, guaranteeing a high level of training in the technology.

1. The Supervisor must never neglect an opportunity to direct a student to the actual source of Scientology data.

2. The Supervisor should invalidate a student’s mistake ruthlessly and use good ARC while doing it.

3. The Supervisor should remain in good ARC with his students at all times while they are performing training activities.

4. The Supervisor at all times must have a high tolerance of stupidity in his students and must be willing to repeat any datum not understood as many times as necessary for the student to understand and acquire reality on the datum.

5. The Supervisor does not have a “case” in his relationship with his students, nor discuss or talk about his personal problems to the students.

6. The Supervisor will, at all times, be a source-point of good control and direction to his students.

7. The Supervisor will be able to correlate any part of Scientology to any other part and to livingness over the eight dynamics.

8. The Supervisor should be able to answer any questions concerning Scientology by directing the student to the actual source of the data. If a Supervisor cannot answer a particular question, he should always say so, and the Supervisor should always find the answer to the question from the source and tell the student where the answer is to be found.

9. The Supervisor should never lie to, deceive or misdirect a student concerning Scientology. He shall be honest at all times about it with a student.

10. The Supervisor should always set a good example to his students: such as giving good demonstrations, being on time and dressing neatly.

11. The Supervisor should at all times be perfectly willing and able to do anything he tells his students to do.

12. The Supervisor must not become emotionally involved with students of either sex while they are under his or her training.

13. When a Supervisor makes any mistake, he is to inform the student that he has made one and rectify it immediately. This datum embraces all phases in training, demostrations, lectures and processing, etc. He is never to hide the fact that he made the mistake.

14. The Supervisor should never neglect to give praise to his students when due.

15. The Supervisor to some degree should be pan-determined about the Supervisor-student relationship.

16. When a Supervisor lets a student control, give orders to or handle the Supervisor in any way, for the purpose of demonstration or other training purposes, the Supervisor should always put the student back under his control.

17. The Supervisor will at all times observe the Auditor’s Code during sessions and the Code of a Scientologist at all times.

18. The Supervisor will never give a student opinions about Scientology without labeling them thoroughly as such; otherwise, he is to direct only to tested and proven data concerning Scientology.

19. The Supervisor shall never use a student for his own personal gain.

20. The Supervisor will be a stable terminal, point the way to stable data, be certain, but not dogmatic or dictatorial, toward his students.

21. The Supervisor will keep himself at all times informed of the most recent Scientology data and procedures and communicate this information to his students.